Wondering About Games For The Party – Here Is An Innovative List

Well, games are part of fun and frolic of a party or an event. Winning or losing becomes secondary. The fun you have while participating makes you feel very happy. Happy moments are always welcomed. Kids are bored with the similar kind of games. Kids look for variety. Games of different kinds can make kids be involved completely. 

List of Games that can be Organized

You can have a variety of games. You have to keep in mind the time, number of people, age group of the people. If you have plans for three hours then you need to plan an hour for refreshments and the rest for games. In such time, you have to think of games that can involve everyone of all age groups. You could also plan for carnival rides in Sydney.

Small rides can be set up in the space available. You can also organize different games for each age group. From 4-6 years, 6-8 years, 10-12 years, 12 years and above, such groups can be formed. The games must be appropriate to the age level. You can work out a plan with these ideas.

• Throwing a ring into a bottle can be organized for all age groups. Only the throwing distance should be increased as the age increases.

• Number games can be played with all age groups.

• Shooting balloons – Set up a board and stick balloons, which are fully blown. Then give them toy guns with bullet pins to shoot the balloons.

• Fishing for fun – Allow children to pick some objects with the help of a stick and string, it can be toffees, cookies or some small treats wrapped up. The kids will be excited to pick and open their wraps.

• Ball in the bucket – Have three to four balls. Keep a bucket at a distance. Ask kids to throw the ball into the bucket. One who puts most balls into the bucket will be the winner.

• Pin the tail of an elephant – Draw an elephant without a tail. Blind fold children and ask them to draw the elephant’s tail. The kid whose tail is closest to actual tail will be the winner.

• Jelly eating contest – In this, you can declare the kid, who eats the most jellies in the given time as the winner.

• Throwing the dart – Set a target and ask the children to aim at it.

It can be a total fun event with all the games and theme park rides. The time spent would be remembered by everyone at the party. Spend your time wisely and enjoy the party.