Capture Those Special Moments On Your Own

A life without memories is dire, much like the life of an ant. If only we could capture those special moments and preserve them physically, so we can recollect those memories anytime we want. Well we already can, the art of capturing those special moments is called photography and it’s something you can do very well with, with the proper knowledge.

Be your own photographer

Hiring professionals specialising in family photography is nice and sometimes result is amazing photographs that deserve to be framed and occupy a spot on your bedroom wall, it is not necessary as you can do your own personal photographing.

Tips for a beginner

Unlike popular belief, gold photography is not tied down to just a good camera, the skills of the photographer plays a vital role. Any camera is capable of capturing professional shots. If purchasing a new camera, consider opting for an entry level DSLR, as the functions are simpler to use than models of a higher level. To start off, there are three main fundamental modes you can choose from. For landscape and macro photography, choose the aperture priority mode (listed as Av) to choose the depth of field, choosing which area to focus on.

In this mode the shutter speed is automatically controlled by the camera. For action or sport photography, using a shutter priority mode is ideal as the shutter speed can be adjusted to be fast enough to keep up with the motion of the subject, preventing double images while the aperture is automatically controlled by the camera. If you want the camera to control both the aperture and the shutter speed, then, for the same exposure you can use the program mode. For normal usage this mode will be very useful to take photographs in rapid succession. Unless for environments that are moody or for sunsets, keep the auto white balance setting as your camera does an excellent job in filtering unnecessary light automatically at a click of a button. For day to day photography you do not need to manually focus, although manual focus does give more accuracy however auto focus is much faster than manual, so for an event like a kids birthday party, using auto focus is recommended.

It is also highly recommended to set the ISO settings to auto, helping you achieve sharper photographs. Photography is all about the lighting, the angle of your shot and all the objects that get captured within the frame of your camera, all the other factors can be controlled automatically by your camera itself. For perfecting your photographs, download light room or similar software onto a PC to properly edit your photographs and add the finishing touches.